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I have been coming to Distinctive Dental of Apple Valley for over 5 years…They have done an excellent job for me and taken great care of my kids as well…


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Dr. Miller has been recognized by SouthernMinn.Com as the Best Dentist in Southern Minnesota. Learn more about his commitment to patients in the region and far beyond our borders here.


Apple Valley MN Dentist testimonial image

Distinctive Dental has helped me improve my smile. I have more confidence and I am look forward to smiling instead of fearing it. I couldn’t be happier with their work.

Latest News – Ask Dr. Miller

Juicing, Your Teeth and Acidic Foods

We’re all so busy, and many of us are seeking a quick and easy way to lose weight and eat healthier. Juicing has become a trendy topic in the health news, the kind where a variety of vegetables and fruits are put into a juice machine and the juice is extracted leaving the pulp and […]

Dry Mouth: Symptoms and Treatments

What is Xerostomia? It’s dry mouth, a condition where your mouth is unusually dry, usually caused by a decrease in saliva for various reasons. We need saliva to digest food, moisten our mouths and control bacteria. Saliva helps prevent tooth decay too, as it breaks down the acids those bacteria produce. Dry mouth increases your […]

Oral Piercings: What you Need to Know

It’s trendy, fashionable to some, and a popular form of self expression. Seems innocent enough?  Before piercing your tongue, cheek or your lip, please be aware that there are a number of health risks associated with oral piercings. Infection – because of the wound and the amount of bacteria that lives in a typical mouth, the […]

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    In addition to general family dentistry, we offer the latest technologies in preventative, restorative, and cosmetic dental care. We offer a range of excellent natural looking solutions to help with discolored, misshapen, or missing teeth to improve your smile. Call us today or visit us in our Apple Valley or our Faribault, MN location to learn more about our dental services and our new patient specials.

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