Hidden Treasures For Hope

As part of our dental family at Distinctive Dental, you should know that there is more that drives me and inspires me than bringing smiles to our local community. With Hidden Treasures, the reach is much further than that.

Malawi, Africa

In a remote village in Malawi, Africa, the dream is to build a school, work with the village on a small boat and goat business. And so our small group travels there to see how we can help. To reach this village, only accessible by boat, we come upon a string of makeshift docks, fashioned from old plastic cola containers. To reach the shore we must step across the cola containers strung like stepping stones knowing the water is not safe. We cross without incident and are greeted by happy faces on the shoreline. The electricity and excitement in the air is palpable. They will get their school, and they will get our prayers. And we will be blessed beyond measure.

It took two years, but the dream of building a school is now a reality. Despite flooding, poor building materials, corruption in labor and materials purchasing, and monsoon season, the school was finished.

But there’s still so much to be done.

Teacher funding and continuing support is still an issue, so the building is currently being used as a nursery school and a community resource while they work toward solving the next set of challenges.

Projects like this inspire my work at Distinctive Dental. I dream of continuing my mission to help the citizens of villages across the world, especially in places like India and Africa, where the access to resources and basic necessities to stay alive are almost nonexistent.

I hope to empower young school-aged children, mothers with fledgling businesses, and the extreme poor in these rural areas, who are trying to start a business, or build a school, or start a community program. These people do not have access to resources, and I want Hidden Treasures to be their light into the darkness. I want them to know that someone cares, that there is love.

And so I ask myself, Why not build schools for kids? Why not help people be successful? Why not give them hope? These people live this difficult life every day. For me, I can help for a week or two, then return to my fortunate life here in America, while the impact of our work remains long after we are gone.

This is who I am as Distinctive Dental. By coming here and by supporting my practice, you are supporting this mission. This is both a calling and a passion and is rewarding beyond measure. This work brings me joy and happiness and helps to put the success of our practice to work and give back to the people that need it most.

We thank you for supporting us at Distinctive Dental!

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